25 Inspiring Print Ads of 2011 – Amazingly Funny and Clever!!

Posted By: Emaan Thompson on Aug 09, 2011 in Print ads

We all know how important it is to advertise a brand for its promotion. Every brand has its own promotional strategy and want their product and message to be displayed in the best way for their customers.

If your ad is able to convince your client to buy your product easily, it means you are successful. However, one has to agree that designing a Print Ad is much more difficult  then making a video commercial. Afterall, you have to convey your message using few words and single image.

So guys… after a long time, here is an inspirational collection of creative and crazy print Ads. Below is the collection of 25 really funny, creative and amazing ads for your amusement. Do tell us which ad amused your more.

Barbecue coaching
Duet Ice Cream Obama
Dulcolax Rats
Ephone v900 Snakebite
Eurostar The barber
Creative advertisements 3
wakes you up for sure

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