6 Graphic Design Mistakes – A “NO” List for Graphic Designers


Making mistakes is part of human nature as no one is perfect in this world. No matter which field you work in, you are bound to make mistakes. Making blunders, errors and faults is part of everyones life but for few professional fields one has to be really careful…or a mistake can get you into real trouble.

Graphic Designing is one of such fields, I would say or maybe being a graphic designer, I have a bad experience on how one has to pay for a mistake L but instead of fearing failure, one should learn lesson from his mistakes. The best strategy is to identify

Therefore, being a designer myself for several years, I wish to educate other young and aspiring designers to avoid mistakes. Below I list 5 of the most repeated mistakes that every designer must avoid:


1. Lack of Details:


Before starting with any project it is important for the designer to know every tiny detail. If its an urgent project, some graphic designers just jump onto a project without extracting the real details from the client. They forget that they won’t be able to shape the design process until they don’t gather all the relevant information from their clientele. Or else, the end result would be unsatisfying and jumbled up.


2. Not Knowing the Target:


It is always important for the graphic designer to know his target and exact design plan. Just to make an impact on the client, graphic designers must never deviate from their core purpose of designing. The designer should be knowing the exact message he has to convey through the design and if he fails, the design is flawed.


3. Plagiarism:


Copied stuff is bad in any way. If a designer wants to serve his client best, he should come up with unique and extraordinarily creative with his stuff. Getting inspired from other inspiring stuff is a good approach but copying others stuff is a wrong idea. There is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. Try to use your own creative skills rather than getting ‘inspiration’ from elsewhere.


4. Weak Paperwork: 


New graphic designers highly depend on computers and totally rely on it. However, it’s an advice that before graphic designers take over any project; they should sign a paper contract with the client. It should be listing all the details of payment and time duration of the project.


5. Communication Gap with clients:


Some graphic designers feel embarrassed or uncomfortable on asking repeated questions with the clients. This is one of the worst mistakes a graphic designer can make. Avoiding contact with your client or not staying in touch with them during a project will make you come up with unsuccessful results.


6. Undervaluing Simplicity:


It’s a common misconception that more effects and elements create better designs. However, in the design world if one needs the best result, this rule does not apply. Excess of anything is always bad in every field of work. The best and most memorable designs of the world are simple and elegant.


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