5 Signs for Freelance Designers to Identify “I Am the Boss” Clients

Posted By: Emaan Thompson on Jun 24, 2013 in Graphic Designers

There are countless problems graphic designers face while dealing with their clients, but most of all, they are bound to tolerate “I am the boss” habit. Every graphic designer wants to experience the freedom of working as per their comfort, but unfortunately they aren’t able to do that. Therefore, I have summed up the below 5 …

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Alternative Disney Movie Posters by Rowan Stocks-Moore (10 great examples)

Posted By: Emaan Thompson on Jun 19, 2013 in Graphic Design

As an undeniable fact, every animated Disney movie you have seen so far has its illusionary dark side. Mr. Rowan Stocks-Moore, a graphic designer by profession, from Liverpool, got into the depth of Disney’s most famous animated fairy tales and came up with a decent collection of re-imagined (redesigned) movie posters. So, here I present …

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Important Elements to Consider in Custom Sticker Designing

Custom stickers are such stickers which have unlimited graphics that you can you use anytime you like.  You can easily create your own rapid designs for these custom stickers using the design tools as well as techniques that are present in the computer.  There are so many styles of stickers and so many designs that …

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How to Customize Your Own Jewelry Stickers

Posted By: Emaan Thompson on Jan 08, 2013 in Graphic Design, Guest Posting

The economy is going down and everybody’s trying to have a business of their own and for this they are trying many ideas which are extremely innovative and can thrive in the market for the record.  One of the ideas is to have jewelry custom printed stickers because jewelry is never out of fashion and …

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Designing Vinyl Sticker for Car with Expression on Adobe Illustrator

There are many stickers which are being created nowadays with a business point of view so that they can endorse a brand or a business.  However, you can also design a custom sticker that is according to your taste and you can easily utilize it for personal use.   There are many ways in which …

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